Magneto's 'House of M' uniform again draws royal objections

In 2005, Marvel drew the displeasure of Spain's royal family when the official portrait of King Juan Carlos -- right down to the sash, medals and wall pattern! -- was used as the basis of Mike Mayhew's image of Magneto for the cover of The Pulse: House of M Special. There were rumblings of legal action, followed by an apology and a new cover.

More than six years later, Magneto's Juan Carlos-inspired uniform is back, this time as a downloadable skin for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. And so, too, are the royal family's objections, apparently.

Courtesy of Kotaku and a Google translation comes word from the Madrid newspaper Heraldo that Zarzuela Palace has asked Spanish game distributor Koch Media to remove the skin, which is virtually identical to the uniform worn by Juan Carlos in his role as Captain General of Armies of the King.

Contending that, like the Mayhew cover, the downloadable costume may infringe upon the copyright of the original portrait, the royal house insists it is seeking to prevent the "misuse" of the figure of the king and Spanish military uniform. For its part, Koch says it's not explicitly stated that the uniform is based on Juan Carlos'.

Magneto's House of M uniform will reportedly be available for digital download beginning Dec. 20.

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