Magneto, Batman Begins, Ghost Rider, The Black Pearl: June 13th Comic Reel Wrap


ComingSoon.net caught up with screenwriter Sheldon Turner, who said, "Right now I'm writing 'Magneto', which is an off shoot of the 'X-Men' franchise for Fox. Which is sort of following the path of a villain, the character played by Ian McKellen when he was a young man. It's a prequel of sorts. I'm finishing that up."


There's tons of interviews online as the film looms on the horizon, including two with actor Morgan Freeman (the first about gadgetry, the second with Gary Oldman about their roles), director Christopher Nolan discussing the bigger themes and Katie Holmes, and finally star Christian Bale talking about heaviness, emotion and how Batman can go to the bathroom.


Sony Pictures has posted international release dates, so you can find out when the Hellcycle will be roaring into your part of the world.


Actor Mark Hamill talked to Shadow Chronicles News about the adaptation of his indie comic co-written with Eric Johnson. " What happened was, it was sort of set up at one point, it got put into ... well, it wasn't even turnaround.  Somebody came in and invested in the company and gave us a lot of money to go away.  Which was terrible, I mean that's not the reason that you're in this business, it's not your priority to make money.  Your priority is to express yourself and be creative and get material out there, so it was a devastating blow."


Kryptonsite has an interesting quote from actor John Schneider, who was asked if he was involved in the Bryan Singer-helmed "Superman" film. "No," Schneider said, "and I am actually kind of glad. 'Smallville' is not really about Superman, it's about Clark Kent and there is a certain amount of mystery involving that particular part of the story and if Tom or Annette or myself played a role in the movie, then that would mean Clark's story was over, that would mean the end of 'Smallville.'"

Meanwhile, Devoted to Smallville caught snippets of an interview with Tom Welling on Canadian television, where the actor discusses what kinds of superpowers and shoes he prefers.


Ain't It Cool News has a possibly spoilerish script review of the third mutant-themed sequel.


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