Magnetic Press announces Year Two titles

Magnetic Press got off to a good start last year, with two Eisner Award nominations (Best Publication for Teens for Tony Sandoval's Doomboy and Best Graphic Album—Reprint for Dave Dorman's Wasted Lands), and it looks like the publisher is doing its best best to avoid sophomore slump with the newly announced second-year lineup.

The new books are very much of a piece with the first season's offerings: Full-color graphic novels that combine action and bold, confident art, much of it from European creators. The recent announcement of a partnership with Darby Pop should shake things up a little.

Here's a look at what's on deck for next year:

Golem, by LRNZ (Lorenzo Ceccotti): A sci-fi action tale set in a future Italy, Golem follows a boy who learns he has strange powers after he is kidnapped during a protest. Besides the plot, it looks like there are two hooks to this book—a speculative version of a future Europe, with plenty of political intrigue, and the Italian artist LRNZ's art, which Magnetic describes as "design-influenced" and "lush, fluid blend of manga masters like KATSUHIRO OTOMO with western comic icons like JOSH MIDDLETON, creating a style that is wholly unique and absolutely breathtaking." (Caps theirs.) In other words, it should be easy on the eyes.

Klaw, by Antoine Ozanam and Joel Jurion: This story of a teenager who transforms, werewolf-like, into a tiger whose actions he cannot control was first published in French as a comic series. Magnetic Press will be collecting the first five issues as a graphic novel. You can see some samples on the Klaw Facebook page (in French).

Love: The Fox, by Frederic Brremaud and Federico Bertolucci: The first book in this wordless animal-action series was sort of a slice-of-life story about a tiger in the jungle; you can see a preview, and our own J. Caleb Mozzocco reviewed it as well. This is the sort of book that you either like or you don't; if you do, it's a very good example of the genre.

Bitten, by Cornelia Funke, Raúl García and Francisco Herrera: The art for this werewolves-in-high-school story looks like something from an animated movie, and that's no accident: García is a director and animator whose credits include Disney's The Lion King, Pocahontas and Aladdin. Funke, who is German, is a well-known author of young-adult fiction whose Inkheart trilogy has been translated into English. She created the story, and García and Herrera have adapted it into an all-ages graphic novel. There's an art book as well.

Angelarium: The Book of Emanations, by Peter Mohrbacher and Eli Minaya: An art book that combines paintings, poetry and short stories, all centered on "the eleven angelic emanations of the Tree of Life," this book is pitched at fans of sci-fi/fantasy illustrator Wayne Barlowe.

Robot Envy: Zenith, produced by Dave Pasciuto: Another art book, this is an anthology of robot designs from the users of the website Robot Envy; it looks like this book originated on Kickstarter.

Re*pro*duct, by Austin Wilson and Logan Faerber: Artificial intelligence is a thing of the past, and robots have real, if flawed, human minds inside their mechanical shells. This graphic novel is a slice-of-life story about one such robot, Carbon Barnes, who is trying to figure out the intricacies of the human brain.

Beer-O, by Kevin Castaniero and Chris Northrop: This comic take on private-eye stories looks like a lot of fun; you can see a preview at Magnetic's Sequential Ink site.

Sidekicked, by Russell Brettholtz and Miguel Mendonca: This is the first entry in Magnetic's new Darby Pop imprint. The story of a group of superhero sidekicks who realize what a raw deal they are getting, it started out as a miniseries funded on Kickstarter, and you can see some of the finished pages at that site.

The Adventures of Basil and Moebius, written by Ryan Schifrin and Larry Hama: Two thieves seek out rare and exotic artifacts for a mysterious patron in this series of four graphic novels, which contains a number of complete stories illustrated by a variety of different artists. Magnetic Press has already published the first two graphic novels and these will complete the set.

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