10 Magic Tricks To Really Try From Magical Sempai

Crunchyroll's new anime Magical Sempai is a slice of life erotic comedy starring an unnamed upperclassman girl who has a flair for stage magic. There is just one problem... this poor girl suffers from some serious stage fright, and her "assistant-kun" isn't so sure that she is ready for the big leagues of magic.

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Still, it's easy for audiences to sympathize with this sempai, since she's working hard to follow her passion and astound her audiences. And while the sempai botches most of her tricks, there's some real magic tricks in this show that a viewer might try out for themselves. All sorts of guide books and other resources are out there to teach magic of all kinds, and an apprentice magician can move on to some truly impressive tricks after they master some of these. What kind of stunts can this girl teach us?

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10 Cutting a bill

This is a fairly simple trick that requires some equipment: a pair of scissors, an envelope that neatly fits a dollar bill, and of course, a dollar bill from the audience. The methods for cutting a bill vary, and there's more than one way to do a trick like this. Some will "cut" a bill into quarters, and others involve rubber cement or baby powder, too. A magician can choose whichever style for this trick they like best.

9 Milk and newspaper funnel

This trick is a simple and silly one, and involve folding a newspaper into a cone and pouring in some milk from a pitcher. Or at least, that's what it looks like! A magician will use a trick pitcher that has a space between the liner and the body, and when they "pour" the milk into the pitcher, the milk is in fact staying in the liner. Then the magician can show off the miraculously dry newspaper, milk-free.

8 Coin flip

There's a few variations on this trick, and one of them involves passing a coin through the bottom of a clear glass. That's what the audience will see, anyway.

The magician simply flips the coin up, bounces it right off their other palm, and allow the coin to land right in the glass. Other versions of this trick involve latex sheets, and "passing" the coin right through. Usually, a quarter is best for this sort of trick, being large and easy to see.

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7 Pick a card

This is perhaps the classic magic trick, and there's no end of variations to it. Most of them involve offering a deck of 52 cards and allowing an audience member to choose one and put it back.

The magician can shuffle the deck (this may include fanning out the cards on a table) and somehow finding the card. This is followed with a timeless "Is this your card?"

6 Multiplying rabbits

This is a humorous trick playing on the rapid reproduction of rabbits, but it takes a bit of skill to work out. It involves props including two foam rabbits (mom and dad rabbits), and five smaller "baby" rabbits. The magician has the baby rabbits in their pocket, and may use sleight of hand to first openly hand a rabbit to an audience member, then transfer the other into their hand.

This trick wraps up when the magician transfers the baby rabbits to the larger ones.

5 Rope break

There are a few ways to perform this trick, but the illusion is the same. The audience will see the magician tie a rope into a knot, cut it somehow, and then present a magically restored rope.

One variant involves cutting just the ends instead of the rope's middle, and another version involves using two identical ropes at once but only presenting the whole one. Some magicians might even use special adhesives to actually restore the rope before presenting it.

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4 Pinching coin trick

Many magic tricks involve coins, since they are easy to get, don't break, and are light and easily moved. A magician may hold up a coin between the thumb and forefinger, and pinch it to flatten it.

At the same time, the magician passes over their other hand and mimes picking up the coin. But in fact, the coin is held flat and practically invisible in the original hand. The magician may then pretend to crumple up the coin with their other hand, and present a mysteriously coin-free hand.

3 Mentalist tricks

Mentalism is a verbal branch of stage magic that may take some work to perfect, but the illusion can be impressive. In general, mentalist magic involves asking leading questions and allowing audience responses to help guide the magician toward making accurate estimations on their personal life or recent personal experiences.

The questions are broad enough so that the audience member is lured into providing specific information.

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2 Pen flip

This is a very basic trick, but it might act as a decent warm-up for a performance. The magician will hold an ordinary pen in their hand and pass the other hand over it, and then turn the pen back with their hand and allow it to point straight toward them.

In this way, the pen's profile is so narrow, it is easy to hide, and audience members may think it vanished into thin air. A trick like this may be better for younger audiences, while older ones might want to see something more impressive.

1 Spoon bending

Yes, there is a spoon, unlike in a popular sci-fi movie. Like the other tricks in this list, the idea of a spoon bending trick comes in a variety of forms. One simple method is to hold the spoon between the thumb and forefinger and rapidly wiggle it.

Due to how the eye perceives motion, the spoon seems to bend like rubber. In other instances of this trick family, the spoon is in fact already bent, but it is first presented at a certain angle at first so audiences cannot tell.

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