Magic: The Gathering Announces New Card Set for 2019

A new card set for Magic: The Gathering was announced Thursday morning at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

The Hasbro Media Breakfast event unveiled the Throne of Eldraine card set, with a prerelease date of Sept. 28-29.

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One side of the card reads, "The Royal Courts of Eldraine Request the Honor of Your Presence," with the other revealing the Throne of Eldraine title and prerelease date as fairies soaring through the air with weapons at the ready.

More information will be revealed at Saturday’s Mark Rosewater's Panel on July 20, which kicks off at 6:30 PM in Room 24ABC.

The description of the panel is below:

This is the big one. If there's one thing you can't miss at SDCC, it's Mark's panel. This will be the official unveiling of Magic's fall set, codenamed "Archery." Yep. That one. If you're not able to join us at the panel, follow along with what's being shown on Twitter (@wizards_magic) and stay tuned to DailyMTG after the panel is over for an article detailing all the info Mark shares during the panel.

Throne of Eldraine was codenamed "Archery" and is the upcoming fall set from the card game publisher.

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