'Magic' collector unwraps $27,000 card, proceeds to lose mind

The sum total of my knowledge about Magic: The Gathering begins and ends with this: An Alpha Black Lotus card sold last year on eBay for $27,302, because they're super-rare. Luckily, that's all you need to know to appreciate this video of a collector unwrapping an old alpha starter deck -- among the first produced -- to discover a Black Lotus, and then proceed to completely lose his mind.

We only see the collector's fastidiously gloved hands, but I like to imagine him (somewhere after the 8:00 mark) bouncing around the room, Daffy Duck-style, as he exclaims, "That's a freaking Black Lotus," "Holy God" and "That shouldn't happen."

Only 1,100 Alpha Black Lotus cards were released, and a pristine one is considered the Holy Grail for collectors. Think of it as the Action Comics #1 for the Magic crowd. That Tropical Island card is nothing to sneeze at, either: It sells for about $2,500.

(via Gawker, CNET)

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