Maestro is Back in Marvel's "Future Imperfect" Teaser

Marvel's series of mystery teasers took a brief break this week (likely to make room for the massive Marvel Studios Phase Three announcement), but they're back in full force with Comics Alliance revealing an image illustrated by Dale Keown homaging Peter David and George Perez's "Future Imperfect" storyline. Keown's image features Maestro -- the incredibly powerful version of the Hulk who rules Earth 100 years in the future -- sitting on a throne surrounded by artifacts from Marvel's heroes and villains, including Ultron, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Doctor Octopus, Magneto, Spider-Man and Vision.

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Also holding the release date of "Summer 2015," this teaser is the latest in a series likely related to Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic's "Secret Wars" event series announced at New York Comic Con. Teasers already released include "Civil War," "House of M," "Armor Wars," Infinity Gauntlet," "Old Man Logan" and many more.

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