'Mad's' 'Spy vs. Spy' now in newspapers

Official Press Release

"Spy vs. Spy," one of MAD Magazine's longest-running and best-loved features, is now available to newspapers through Tribune Media Services (TMS) as part of MAD's year-long 50th anniversary celebration. TMS is syndicating weekly original full-color installments of "Spy vs. Spy," created by the late, legendary cartoonist Antonio Prohias, for use in the Sunday comics, as well as in other sections of the paper. Charter subscribers include the Los Angeles Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Denver Post and Atlanta Journal Constitution.

For over four decades, the black Spy and white Spy have been building their bizarre, elaborate contraptions - like the board game Mousetrap - in an endless parry of "Joke and Dagger." Political climates have changed, presidents have come and gone, yet the never-ending scheming of the Spies is as relevant as ever.

"Millions of readers have grown up smiling at the Spies' antics, and we're confident they'll enjoy seeing their old friends in their newspapers," said Paul Levitz, MAD Magazine's publisher. "Prohias won his reputation as a newspaper cartoonist, and he'd be smiling to see his greatest creation reaching readers in an exciting new way."

"We see the feature as a thinly veiled commentary on the current scene," say MAD co-editors Nick Meglin and John Ficarra. "The mischievous Spies can be anyone, from Dave Letterman and CBS to Dick Cheney and Congress!"

TMS Director of Creative Services Fred Schecker commented, "We're excited to represent a comic that so many newspaper readers already know and love. It is still as fresh and appealing as ever. In fact, it's aged a whole lot better than I have."

The syndicated newspaper feature will offer original strips, done in the classic Prohias style, written by veteran MAD writer Duck Edwing and illustrated by Dave Manak, both of whom have worked on the strip for MAD Magazine for many years.

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