<i>Madman Atomic Comics</i> ends with #17

Image Comics sent word that Mike Allred will wrap up the current adventures of his signature creation with Madman Atomic Comics #17, due this August. Along with that last issue will come a new album from his band, The Gear, called Left of Center of the Universe. Both the comic and the album will feature "the return of characters from his highly praised hit Red Rocket 7," the press release says.

This is the second album from the band; the first, Son of Red Rocket 7, was released by Dark Horse Comics in 1998. The new album will feature a special guest appearance by Courtney Taylor-Taylor of The Dandy Warhols.

And if you're bummed about Atomic Comics ending, don't worry -- per the release, Madman will be back in some form in the future.

"Madman Atomic Comics marks the end of an era, but definitely not the end of MADMAN at Image," Allred said. "Madman Atomic Comics was a really fun time for me, Laura, Madman and friends. Working at Image gave us an unprecedented freedom with the book, allowing us to experiment like never before! I hope fans have enjoyed the trip thus far and will be back with us on the next leg once we get to it!"

The final issue will also tie in Allred's Red Rocket 7 series in continuity for the very first time.

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