Madman Atomic Comics #14

MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS reaches a new milestone as each issue will now contain self-contained adventures. To mark this event, this issue will have two big stories including one from modern master, DARWYN COOKE (New Frontier/X-Force/The Spirit), and his extraordinary frequent collaborator, J.BONE (The New Frontier/ Mr. Gum one-shot/ The Spirit), in addition to another head-spinning yarn from MADMAN creator, MIKE ALLRED. Big things are afoot and you won't want to miss this dynamic barrier buster. Robots, rayguns, mutants, monsters, and mad scientists all merge in the wonderful world of Snap City in one tale, while Frank "Madman" Einstein, and his girl, Joe, "think" they're on a vacation at a theme park in the other. Every issue of M.A.C. always promises big surprises and this issue is no different. Jump on the MADMAN bullet train!

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