Made For A Woman: Marc Andreyko talks "Manhunter"

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With the fifth issue about to hit stands and extra heat on the book, as it picks up loose threads from the mega "Identity Crisis" mini-series, "Manhunter" is poised to become a sleeper hit from DC Comics. CBR News caught up with writer Marc Andreyko to get a preview of the book and get some additional insight on what makes the series unique, and why the titular character (who is a laywer), is not just some female version of Marvel Comics' Daredevil.

"Well, for one thing, DD has a penis," laughed Andreyko as he spoke with CBR News. "And, seriously, yeah, both characters are lawyers, but that's where any similarities end. Kate, unlike most heroes, has no problem taking final justice into her hands when she feels a villain has thwarted the system. For her, the things she does as Manhuunter are a logical extension of her work as a prosecutor."

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The series has featured a decidedly darker tone than many DCU readers are used to, dramatically marked by the last page of the first issue, but Andreyko feels that the scenes help define the series and the threats. "I only want the series to be graphic when it is appropriate for the story. For example, in #1 the image of the dead guards Copperhead murdered is a horrific one. And it should be. I wanted to show the ramifications of meta-villain violence on innocent people and Jesus [Saiz, penciller on the series] delivered spectacularly."

One of the reasons that "Manhunter" has been in the spotlight so much recently- besides the critical acclaim- is that the series has tied in to the hit "Identity Crisis" series. "It was actually a bit of serendipity. The storylines I wanted to explore just sort of dovetailed into what Brad [Meltzer, 'Identity Crisis' author] was doing with 'Identity Crisis,' so we decided to do the tie-ins. Imagine that, a non-forced tie-in [smiles]."

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"Identity Crisis" villain the Shadow Thief will also be taking the center stage soon and the scribe was happy to explain what to expect in that story. "The arc (#5-10) is the trial of the Shadow Thief for the murder of Firestorm. It will have all sorts of interesting guest stars, both testifying and fighting Manhunter, and deal with the difficulties of prosecuting villains in the DCU. And someone will die, too [smiles]."

But fans of the self contained issues in the series thus far need not worry- the focus on character will not be lost in upcoming arcs. "I made a conscious choice to start out with stories about Kate getting her bearings as a hero before diving into big arcs. But, after the Shadow Thief arc we'll see another arc that should get people buzzing about the series. Hint: it's gonna be called 'Manhunted'...."

Andreyko has nothing but kind words for Saiz, whose pencils have attracted a lot of attention and the writer says, "I have never actually spoken to Jesus. He gets my plots/scripts from his agent/translator. That said, if I only ever get to work with Jesus for the rest of my comics career, I'll die happy. He is a phenomenal talent. His instincts, his story telling, the 'acting' he brings to the characters.... He is truly a brilliant artist and I'm glad to see that his star is beginning to rise. He deserves it all."

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