"Madballs" Land New Four-Issue Miniseries at Roar Comics

Madballs are back, but this time they've got their own four-issue comic book series at Roar Comics.

An '80s fad, Madballs "were sculpted rubber balls sporting outrageously gross faces, each with their own names and personalities." A cross between trading cards and toys, the line was beloved by toy collectors of the time.

Roar Comics is bringing them back with a miniseries by "Adventure Time's" Brad McGinty and "Stuff of Legends'" Brian Smith. Scarecrowoven, Gunsho, Dan Zettwoch, Jenny Zych, Sean Dove, Jesse Balmer, Jimmy Giegerich and Matt Crabe will also contribute backup stories to the run. The series will also feature work from Ulises Farinas, Chuck Forsman and Lale Westvind.

Arriving in April, the first issue of the new series will release soon after Mondo's new line of Madballs, which are called Mondoballs, and Jeremy Scott's Madball-inspired apparel. Three variant covers will also be available.

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