"Madame Mirage" #1 Shipping in May!

Award-winning writer, Paul Dini ( Countdown, Lost ) brings his latest creation to the comics world this Spring along with publisher Top Cow Productions, Inc. In April, readers will get their first introduction to Dini's Madame Mirage through the Madame Mirage First Look . The following month, the series kicks into high gear as fans will be fully immersed in a tale of revenge and intrigue with the hotly anticipated release of Madame Mirage #1 .

In Madame Mirage #1 , the title character begins her vendetta against the criminals-in-suits of Aggressive Solutions International (ASI). While details about the series, including the identity of Madame Mirage, have been kept under lock and key, writer Paul Dini has revealed that there will be more to Mirage than "meets the eye". The motive for her hunting the member of ASI remains shrouded in mystery, but Dini has let slip that she will be assisted in her quest by her younger sister, Harper Temple. Lastly, Dini has assured readers that the mystery of "Who is Madame Mirage?" will be solved during the initial story arc.   Joining Dini on this project is relative newcomer Kenneth Rocafort ( Hunter-Killer ), a dynamic and exciting artist receiving his big break on this marquee title.

"Every time I see Paul Dini's name on a comic cover, I know that title is an immediate buy ", said Mike Malve, owner of Arizona's premier comic chain Atomic Comics, "Dini is a veteran talent whose understanding of great storytelling has made him so highly demanded, he can choose any project he wants.  Therefore, you can trust any project with which he's associated will be set standards against which the rest of the industry will be measured ".

"I can't wait to see Paul Dini's Madame Mirage .  Paul already has a large following in our stores thanks to his work on Lost , Detective Comics , Batman: The Animated Series , and other titles", commented Chris Powell, General Manger of the legendary Texas chain Lone Star Comics, "The push we're giving the 99-cent preview will let even more customers experience his work, and people are already responding to the "Who is Madame Mirage?" ads on the web".

"I couldn't be happier with the show of support I've received from both fans and retailers thus far on Madame Mirage", explains enthusiastically creator Paul Dini.  "Kenneth and I are doing our best to deliver a killer series filled with surprises and gorgeous art."

Additional information on Madame Mirage can be found at www.topcow.com or on her MySpace page ( http://www.myspace.com/madamemirage ).

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