Mad Yak Press offers 'Subatomic' this August

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Coming in August from Mad Yak Press is SUBATOMIC (JUN032412), a 136pg original graphic novel printed in full color. What happens when agents of the US government decide that the greatest threat to America is its own population? As the war on terror escalates, super-secret spy agency ATOM finds itself at a crossroads! But after one of their own unexpectedly resigns, ATOM must fight back against a crisis that threatens to undo generations of work!

SUBATOMIC is a politically relevant tale that subverts expectations of the spy genre, with strong appeal to fans of books such as Queen & Country, Stray Bullets, The Invisibles, Nick Fury and The Interman. "Certified Cool" in the current issue of Previews.

Early previews of SUBATOMIC have struck a cord with mainstream readers. New York Times-syndicated columnist and best-selling author Douglas Rushkoff (Cyberia, The Ecstasy Club) calls it "a tight little tale about a big messy world ­ not too much unlike our own. These guys sure can spin a yarn, and left me hoping for a sequel."

Astro City scribe Kurt Busiek is equally supportive of this "clever, oddly compelling tale built around concerns of privacy and freedom in the post-9/11 era. Deceptively calm and eminently readable, it's rich in powerful unstated emotion. Call it a Three Days of the Condor for the Information Age…"

Y, The Last Man writer Brian K Vaughn says SUBATOMIC is "a clever, S.H.I.E.L.D.-style espionage tale brought to life in post-Dubya America," while cult television personality Richard Metzger calls it "riveting. Thought-provoking. Orwell's 1984 meets Total Recall with all that hybrid promises and more!"

SUBATOMIC is written by Patrick Neighly, author of Anarchy for the Masses: The Disinformation Guide to The Invisibles and the critically lauded one-shot Great Ape. The book is drawn in smooth, traditional lines by overseas artist Jorge Heufemann, who apprenticed under top Argentinean illustrator Lucho Olivera. Printed in full color on lush glossy paper at $16.95 retail. Diamond order code JUN032412.

As a special bonus, the entire initial order from Diamond will be personally numbered and autographed as a limited edition offering, so be sure to pre-order the book with your retailer before the end of the month.

For page samples and other information, please visit www.madyakpress.com

Subatomic (JUN032412)

By Patrick Neighly and Jorge Heufemann

136pg color graphic novel

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