<i>Mad Men's</i> Christina Hendricks Would Love To Be Wonder Woman

Add another name to the growing list of actresses who'd like to be considered for Warner Bros.' Wonder Woman revival: Mad Men co-star Christina Hendricks.

During an appearance on Tuesday's episode of the Rachael Ray Show, the Emmy-nominated actress was asked about "Internet scuttlebutt" that she might play the Amazonian Princess.

"I just heard that rumor, too," Hendricks replied. "I don't know where it got started, but I love it.  [...] I've been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life. I had Underoos -- I had Wonder Woman Underoos." Asked whether she'd play the character, the 35-year-old actress said, "Oh, I'd love to. That would be so much fun."

The Wonder Woman "scuttlebutt" may have started in July with this New York Post interview in which Hendricks expressed a desire to land a role that required her to learn kung-fu. That sparked posts on Moveline and Moviefone calling for the actress to don the trademark tiara and bracelets.

Of course, any push to cast Hendricks -- or anybody else, for that matter -- is premature, considering that writer-producer David E. Kelley revealed two weeks ago that he hasn’t “necessarily committed” to developing Wonder Woman.

Hendricks, who plays office manager Joan Holloway on AMC's Mad Men,  is no stranger to comic-book roles: She provides the voice of Lois Lane in Warner Bros.' animated adaptation of All-Star Superman, which will be released in the spring. She also appeared as the con artist Saffron in two episodes of Firefly, alongside Morena Baccarin and Gina Torres, two actresses who've been linked to the role of Wonder Woman over the years.

You can watch Hendricks' appearance on the Rachael Ray Show here.

(via TV Overmind)

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