Mad Men Teaser Poster Shows Off Naked Mannequin, Anything Else?

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner talked with The New York Times recently about the show's fifth season, which premieres March 25 on AMC. There were some contract disputes that pushed filming back for more than half a year, but the show is back on track. To build anticipation, the cable network has released a series of new ads, including this poster featuring Don Draper checking out a pair of storefront mannequins.

“I wanted the audience to get excited, to give them what I hope is a reward for sticking with the show,” Weiner said. “This is a dreamlike image, a nonverbal representation of where my head is at and where the show will be. By the end of the season, I guarantee you’ll know what it is about.”

A series of promo videos has also been released, although it seems like the clips are made up mostly of bits and pieces from previous seasons. Below you can see the Don and Peggy-centric ones, which very clearly boast what many fans have been waiting for: Mad Men is back.

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