<i>Mad Men</i> comics we just want right now

Jeremy Nguyen is excited about the return of Mad Men this weekend, so much in fact that he's created three faux covers for a line of Mad Men romance comics from the 1960s.

"I’m a huge fan of the show, the time period, and wanted to somehow celebrate how entertained I am by the series," Nguyen writes on his Tumblr. "I have a love for the golden age of comics. Sometimes I wish I was a freelance comic book artist in that era, when comics were new, exciting, and uniquely part of being American. Romance comics were in fact hugely popular in those days, easily surpassing sales of superhero comics. And at some point, they dropped off, were replaced by horror, war, and other genres eventually."

You can check out larger versions of all three covers on his Tumblr.

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