'Mad Max' mega-fan spends $125,000 to build his own Interceptor

When Dale Walker first saw George Miller's 1979 classic Mad Max, he swore he'd one day own a car just like the Interceptor. Three decades and $125,000 later, he does.

Tracking down a rough-looking 1972 Australian Ford Falcon in 2008, the Michigan man began the process of pimping his post-apocalyptic ride. The engine alone cost $12,000.

Walker, and the company he hired, overlooked no detail, right down to the RVS radio, movie-accurate police siren and horn, and double-barrel, sawed-off shotgun (a replica, of course).

"When I first saw the car after it was rebuilt, I was absolutely stunned, absolutely stunned," he says in the video below. "It took them five years to do this, but the wait was worth it."

(via Nerd Approved, Speed Society)

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