Mad Max: Fury Road Named Greatest Film of the Century in Australia

The 2015 gut-punch reboot of the late classic post-apocalyptic action franchise made serious waves in America, but critics have dubbed George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road the greatest Australian film so far in the 21st century.

Fifty-one film critics (26 men and 25 women), cast votes on the website Flicks.com.au to determine the rankings. Criteria for titles to be considered were feature films of any genre made in Australia and released after 2000. This was the largest poll conducted by Australian film critics in the country’s history. Some of the participating critics include Rhett Bartlett of the Hollywood Reporter, Ella Donald of ABC Radio, Alicia Malone from FilmStruck and David Stratton from The Australian.

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Australian film site Flicks released the list of their top 25 picks, which also include titles such as the cult-horror favorite The Babadook, the Oscar-winning musical Moulin Rouge and the sci-fi thriller Predestination. Five of the poll’s top 10 films had first timers in the director’s seat.

Although Fury Road marked the return of the franchise's director following a 30-year hiatus, Miller’s take on this film was as fresh as ever. Critic Craig Mathieson wrote the site's entry for Mad Max: Fury Road, noting the film’s feminist message and challenge to apocalyptic patriarchies.

(via The Guardian)

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