MAD Launches Spin Offs & More!

Official Press Release

MAD Magazine, America's best-selling humor magazine is intensifying its

already aggressive plan to take over the universe with the launch of two new

spin-off magazines (MADKIDS and MAD Classics) and a series of nationwide

promotions for the MAD brand.

Continuing its resurgence as a cultural tastemaker and publishing

powerhouse, MAD Magazine is thriving with advertising revenues up 42% this

year vs. 2004, its wildly inventive Mountain Dew campaign featuring its

legendary Spy vs. Spy characters and recent brand building opportunities

that include a NASCAR Racing program and the Take 2 Games Spy. Vs. Spy Xbox

game. The magazine was recently named as one of the nation's top 50 by the

Chicago Tribune, and Hilary Clinton's comparison of the President to one

Alfred E. Neuman drew national headlines this month.

"It's an exciting time for us," said MAD Magazine Editor John Ficarra. "And

we're excited about all the excitement. Yes, I think it would be fair to say

that we're experiencing an unusually high level of excitation. It's


"MAD's more than a magazine - it's an attitude, an offbeat way of looking at

the world," added Associate Publisher David McKillips.

Details of MAD Magazine's mad, mad plans include:

Two new magazines:

MAD Classics. This month, MAD Magazine released the first issue

of MAD Classics, a 100-page full color magazine to be published 8 times a

year. MAD Classics targets avid fans who just can't get enough of MAD's

parodies and satire, with theme issues full of MAD's "Best of the Worst."

MAD Classics #1, on sale now, features a Harry Potter cover and

War of the World's Outtakes.

MADKIDS. This November, MAD launches MADKIDS, a new magazine for

6 - 11 years olds. With an initial rate base of 200,000, MADKIDS will move

to a quarterly schedule in 2006 and will feature both age-appropriate

classic MAD MAGAZINE parodies as well as fresh, new content (including Spy

vs. Spy Jr. Comics and guides to new games, toys and movies). "It's our

devious plan to corrupt the minds of America's youth before they're old

enough to realize how dumb we are," said Ficarra. The launch of MADKIDS will

be supported by advertisements in various DC Comics' kids titles including

"The Batman Strikes," "Teen Titans Go!," "Justice League Unlimited," "Scooby-Doo"

and "Looney Tunes."

New promotional partners:

MAD teams with Action Performance Companies and Great Clips to

introduce MAD KIDS. To celebrate its inaugural issue, MADKIDS is partnering

with Action Performance Companies and family-friendly hair salon Great Clips

for a national promotion tied into the Akins Motorsports #38 NASCAR Busch

Series car driven by sensation Kasey Kahne. At the Charlotte Motor Speedway

in October, the #38 car will sport a paint scheme featuring the MADKIDS logo

and new Spy vs. Spy Jr. characters. Action Performance will also manufacture

premium die-cast cars and MADKIDS racing products. The debut issue will be

featured in all 2400 Great Clips hair salons across the country throughout

the launch period, and will contain a special coupon for discounting

haircuts. MADKIDS and Great Clips are also sponsoring a national Contest,

whereby the Grand Prize winner will be illustrated by MAD's Usual Gang of

Idiots in a future issue of MADKIDS.

MAD Sponsors This Summer's Warped Music Tour, Dew Action Sports

Tour and GameRiot Video Gaming Tour. Special promotional events/activities

include: MAD Lounge (where fans can get their own MAD-styled caricatures); a

traveling wall mural with MAD Magazine cover images; giant-sized MAD Posters

and displays featuring Alfred E. Neuman; and magazine samplers, giveaways

and subscription incentives at all MAD booths.

MAD partners with White Castle. From August 15 - September 15,

MAD is partnering with White Castle Restaurants for a special in-store

promotion featuring free mini-MAD Magazines and subscription coupons at 395

participating restaurants.Program elements include a Spy vs. Spy / White

Castle poster and coupons for free White Castle Burgers in MAD's October


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