Mackie Wants Falcon To Fly In A Black Widow Movie

Over the past few years, many major players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have come out in favor of a Black Widow solo film. "Captain America: Civil War" directors Joe and Anthony Russo have expressed interest in directing a solo Black Widow film, and actors Clark Gregg and Robert Downey Jr. think it's about time for the spy to go solo. Johansson's brought up the idea of a solo film before, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently said that Marvel is committed to making it happen. Now you can add one more name to the pro-"Black Widow" list: Anthony Mackie.

The actor, whose Falcon has appeared in three films alongside Black Widow, expressed his support in an interview with HitFix. "If they made a Black Widow movie, it would be more of a spy espionage-type movie, which would be great, to see a female James Bond or something like that."

Mackie added that he's also up for helping out in any way possible as Falcon. "Well, I think Black Widow needs a little bit of aerial support!" said Mackie. "I would love, in any capacity, to be a part of that. I've always been a huge fan of Scarlett's, and I've always, since I met her, just really admired her as a person. So in whatever capacity I would be used -- Falcon would fly for Black Widow."

You can currently see Black Widow and Falcon on opposing sides in Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War," now in theaters.

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