Mack and Mays talk 'Kabuki'

[Scarab]"Kabuki Agents: Scarab" artist Rick Mays spoke to CBR News on Friday to reveal some details regarding the soon-to-be-released Scarab Art Book and Trade Paperback. Published by Image Comics, "Kabuki Agents: Scarab" is a series based on characters created by David Mack in "Kabuki."

"'The Scarab Art Book' will be an oversized volume, containing lots of production art from Scarab, some production art from my own project, lots of various things that David (Mack) and I wanted to get into print," said Mays. "I know there's gonna be work from other artists, but I'm not sure, just yet, how many or who's gonna make it into the book. I believe John J. Muth and Kent Williams are in, (and) a terrific artist, named Ryan Graff. We're also hoping to get pieces from Adam Warren, Adam Hughes, and Tomoko Saito. Andy Lee may be in there, as well. I believe that David (Mack) will have works of his own in the book, also."

"It should be solicited to ship for the beginning of next year," series creator David Mack told CBR News Monday. "So far we plan to release it as a LARGE format oversize art book. Probably hardcover, around 200 pages."

Mays also mentioned that a trade paperback edition of his work on "Kabuki Agents: Scarab" would be released soon after the "Scarab Art Book." "If I'm correct, we're looking at the very beginning of next year, after the art book, for the Scarab trade," said Mays.

Fans of Mack's Kabuki series can check out "Scarab #8," due in comic stores this week. "There will be sections with each of the Noh Agents featured," said Mack on his message boards. "I'm really looking forward to hearing about what (fans) think of this issue. There are a couple parts that may make you look back at some of the early issues on 'Kabuki: Metamorphosis' 1-9, especially issue #3."

While Mack's enthusiasm for this issue is apparent, he's asked his fans to keep theirs in check and not spoil the issue online.

"I ask of you, Please, PLEASE do not post any spoilers from "Scarab #8" on this message board or anywhere else on the Net," Mack continued on his message board. "Please do not even post the spoilers with spoiler warnings. I do really want to hear what your feedback is to this issue and the Scarab story as a whole, but please post messages about it that do not give ANYTHING away."

Today, Mack revealed a few more details about the upcoming issue of Scarab when he spoke with CBR News.

"It ties in with the Metamorphosis (Kabuki 1-9) story, and it answers some of the questions that Metamorphosis did not. It guest stars Kabuki, and I drew all the Kabuki pages. It also has every other character of the Noh in it and concludes this Scarab story. It is for Scarab what Circle of Blood was for Kabuki; The origin and foundation of their story. It documents them from childhood on up to the present," said Mack.

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