<i>Machete</i> Carves Up <i>Predators</i>

Those of you planning to see Predators next weekend might want to prepare yourself now for an extra dose of Danny Trejo.

The first theatrical trailer for Trejo's starring turn in Machete will premiere in front of Predators when it hits movie screens, according to director Robert Rodriguez himself. The filmmaker apparently revealed this during a press conference he attended alongside Predators director Nimrod Antal.

Rodriguez didn't elaborate much on what fans can expect from the Machete trailer — although it's a pretty safe bet that you can expect blood, babes and bad language — though he did unfortunately spoil a great deal about Trejo's character in the Predators film. The interview with Rodriguez and Antal is quite fascinating for fans of the Predator franchise, and while they don't give away any information that's going to surprise too many people, it's still disappointing that certain cats are coming out of the bag.

Spoilers aside, Antal and Rodriguez recall a pretty funny story behind Trejo's casting. Read for yourself:

Antal: I gotta just, Danny casting in the film was hilarious too because Robert had a thing in the script that said “A guy who looks like Danny Trejo”…

Rodriguez: Oh no the writers did that. They put in “Danny Trejo type”. That’s what I got upset about. You can’t just give a part to Danny, there is no other Danny Trejo.

Antal: So then Brian Betty our AD gets a call from Danny, Brian who’s done all of Robert’s films and Danny calls Brian and goes “hey [Brian], I see it says in the script a guy who looks like Danny Trejo, Brian I look just like Danny Trejo”.

Source: Collider

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