MAC Cosmetics rolls out its Archie's Girls line

MAC Cosmetics has unveiled its full lineup of products for its much-anticipated Archie's Girl collection, which Archie Comics Co-CEO Jon Goldwater characterizes as "truly our most important licensing deal in the last 30 years."

Announced in July during Comic-Con International, Archie's Girls is of course divided into two lines, one for Betty and one for Veronica. And while the products don't bear as colorful of names as MAC's earlier Wonder Woman collection -- Athena's Kiss lip gloss! Obey Me nail polish! -- they're still pretty memorable. For those in the Betty camp, there's Girl Next Door lipstick, Kiss and Don't Tell lip gloss, and Caramel Sundae eye shadow. For the Veronicas out there, MAC offers items like Daddy's Little Girl and Boyfriend Stealer lipstick, and Spoiled Rich eyeshadow.

Saying the MAC deal will "rebrand Archie on a global level," Goldwater recently told ROBOT 6, " It’s going to bring us back into the consciousness of so many people who aren’t necessarily comic book fans or graphic novel fans. MAC is known as the arbiters of modern, of cool, of hip — for us to be able to partner with them is an honor. We are thrilled they saw us in the same light as Elton John, Lady Gaga, these pop culture phenomena they partner with. They did Wonder Woman [cosmetics]. It will be in places that may not be familiar with Archie over the globe — Europe, the Far East. In places where they are aware of Archie, it’s a fresh coat of paint — we’re here, we’re vibrant, we’re important. Where Archie has no awareness, it’s 'Who are they, what are Archie, Betty and Veronica all about?' We are not well known in the U.K. and other places in Europe, so this is an opportunity for us to create that awareness, that buzz."

Archie's Girls will be available in New York City beginning Jan. 31, and in MAC stores across North America and on the MAC website as of Feb. 7.

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