Maberry's "V-Wars" Heads to Television with IDW

IDW Entertainment has partnered with Entertainment One Television to develop Jonathan Maberry's "V-Wars" for television. With a pilot written by Emmy-award-winning scribe Tim Schlattmann ("Dexter," "Smallville"), the series will be produced by Schlattmann, IDW's Ted Adams and David Ozer; Entertainment One's John Morayniss and Benedict Carver; and Circle of Confusion's David Alpert and Rick Jacobs.

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"Tim brings an incredible vision for 'V-Wars'," said Ozer. "The series sets an exciting tone for our first project launched with Entertainment One and will resonate throughout the global television market."

"'V-Wars' explores the collision of ideologies, of cultures, of religious beliefs, of ethics," Maberry told CBR in March. "We explore how the media handles the crisis. We look at the politics of conflict -- is our violent response self-defense or ethnic genocide? What is the role of nature, nurture and choice? Who's right, who's wrong?"

"V-Wars" is the first announced project from IDW and eOne's first-look development and production deal, announced in April. IDW Entertainment was formed October 2013 and has already announced a series with Xbox Entertainment adapting Chuck Dixon and Jorge Zaffino's "Winterworld."

"IDW is a powerhouse of creativity, and the studios recognize that potential," IDW Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Rick Jacobs said at the company's inception in 2013. "By financing its own television projects, the company is now poised to become a major player across all media platforms. Our hope is that we will be able to ... move faster to get these projects from the comic books to being on the air, as opposed to getting mired down in the long development process."

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