Maberry Returns With Apocalyptic "Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers"

He already let the Punisher take aim at the Marvel U's greatest heroes and sicked them on the feral X-Man Wolverine, but Jonathan Maberry isn't done yet.

Marvel.com has the news that the writer behind the post-apocalyptic series "Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher" and "Marvel Universe Vs. Wolverine" expands the franchise once again with "Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers" - a new four-issue mini series with artist Leandro Fernandez.

"The story is told from Hawkeye's perspective, but most of the big guns are there: Thor, Hulk-red and green versions-Iron Man, Giant Man, Luke Cage, Black Widow, Mockingbird, Spider-Man, and others," the writer explained. "We also check in on the kids at Avengers Academy. The events in these four issues cut a bloody swath across the entire Avengers landscape.

Maberry promised more horror-esque turns in the series. "The world is becoming a horror show and no one has the power to stop it," Maberry explains. "Then we look down at the street-level, at a man like Hawkeye who has no super powers and who isn't really the go-to guy for a world-threatening crisis and for reasons we'll explore in the story, he doesn't succumb to the plague as quickly. More and more of the responsibility for this fight falls to him, and he's extremely mortal."

For much more on the series and its characters, check out Marvel.com and stay tuned to CBR News for more as it's available.

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