M. Night Shyamalan Would Like a Shot at an 'Unbreakable' TV Series

While filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan has been thoroughly lambasted for his signature plot twists that seldom hold up to scrutiny, even his harshest critics tend to agree that his early works "The Sixth Sense" and "Unbreakable" are pretty good.

A followup to the latter, the 2000 superhero drama starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, has been long discussed but never materialized, despite expressed interest by the key players. However, that could change.

While talking with Shyamalan about his new Fox thriller "Wayward Pines," IGN asked the filmmaker whether, given the current prominence of superhero dramas, television might by the right place for a return to "Unbreakable."

"As a way continue the story, yes. That would [interest me]," he said. "I really love where we are. Could you do a six-episode 'Unbreakable' series on Netflix or HBO? Yeah! That's cool. I even had an idea of doing a story that goes in one form, and a second part that's in another form, and a third one's in a different form. You never do the same form. It would be like, movie, then, let's say, cable, to TV, whatever, and then a play; it goes straight online, and it finishes like that. It's in four different forms, and it never goes back to the old one. It could be kind of cool."

Considering Netflix's recent success with Marvel's "Daredevil," a six-episode "Unbreakable" series might be right at home.  And if that works out, maybe the streaming service could offer Shyamalan a do-over on the final two-thirds of "The Village." And "Signs." And ...

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