Luther Arkwright, Smallville, CrossGen, American Splendor and LXG: Comics2Film wrap for August 4, 2003


Producer Sophie Patrick at KouKou Productions told Comics2Film that work isprogressing on the "Luther Arkwright" movie.

Patrick reports that her efforts in finding funding for the movie havegarnered interest from several production companies in Australia and the UnitedKingdom.

Screenwriter Bruce Mutard is hard at work on the script, which is tentativelytitled "Empire." Mutard is on track to complete his script in earlySeptember. Image Comics will publish Mutard's graphic novel "TheBunker" this year.



Lastweek FilmJerk.com brokethe news that "Smallville" fans can expect to see Perry White makingan appearance in season three of the show. The site came across some castingsides for the character.

KryptonSite.comfollowed up with their own report, posting spoilers for the fifth episode of theseason, which will feature the irritable publisher, an episode simply titled"Perry."

The role is not cast yet, but KryptonSite reports thatJeannot Szwarc will be directing that episode. The name may be familiar to"Superman" fans. Szwarc directed former Superman Christopher Reeve in"Somewhere in Time" and also helmed the big screen spin-off"Supergirl."



CBG Express - ComicBuyer's Guide Electronic Bulletin reports that additional CrossGen projectsare on the way to the big screen. F.J. DeSanto, v.p. at Branded Entertainment,revealed that Custom Entertainment has optioned "Brath," MichaelFrance ("Cliffhanger") will write the film adaptation of"Negation," and that "Sigil" will be a trilogy.

Branded Entertainment is the production shingle headed up by Michael Uslan,who exclusively represents CrossGen properties in Hollywood.



The new issue of "Newsweek" (cover dated August 11 but due instores today) contains a feature article on actor Paul Giamatti, who playsHarvey Pekar in this month's "American Splendor".

"Newsweek" General Editor Devin Gordon writes, "Actor PaulGiamatti may never be on a first-name basis with moviegoers, but his days ofbeing 'that guy in that movie' are about to end with the performance of hiscareer in 'American Splendor.'"

Check out "Newsweek" for the complete article.



"The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" came in at #9 this weekend,according to estimates published by BoxOffice Mojo. The comic-based movie took in $3.1 million over its fourthweekend. Its total domestic gross now stands at $58.8 million.

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