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BryanTalbot's "The Adventures of Luther Arkwright" may be heading to atheater near you (in this or other parallel realities) soon. KouKou Productions,an Australian, Melbourne-based film production company, today announced plans todevelop the award-winning British graphic novel as a feature length film.

Melbourne-based comic book writer and artist Bruce Mutard is set to pen thescript for the film. Mutard will see his graphic novel "The Bunker"published by Image Comics this year.

"'The Adventures of Luther Arkwright' is a stunning, quasi-futuristicgraphic novel that deserves the big-screen treatment," says Sophie Patrick,Producer, KouKou Productions.

"It's an intricate adventure story that spans multiple universes,combing

the best elements of science fiction, action movies and historical drama,"

explains Patrick.

Most of the action in "The Adventures of Luther Arkwright" takesplace on one of many alternate parallels, where psychically gifted agents LutherArkwright and Rose Wylde are sent to investigate a cosmic conspiracy thatthreatens to destroy the very fabric of the multiverse.

"Luther and Rose are not your typical action heroes – and 'LutherArkwright'

isn't going to be your typical 'buddy' action movie," says Patrick."They are complex and fascinating characters, with unique abilities, butwho aren't afraid of using deadly force when the fate of the multiverse is atstake!"

Talbot's hero was first published as a nine-issue comic. The series won theprestigious Eagle Awards for "Best New Comic" and "FavoriteCharacter", before being published in America by Dark Horse comics, whereit became a best seller.

KouKou Productions aims to start cameras rolling on 'Luther Arkwright' nextyear.



Jasonand Guy Sims and Dawud Anyabwile of FlipbookCommunications have pacted with Distant Horizon to bring their"Brotherman" comic to the big screen according to TheHollywood Reporter.

The urban, indie comic features Antonio Valor, a public defender by day andcostumed avenger by night, as he goes up against the dark forces lurking in BigCity, U.S.

Distant Horizon's Anant Singh and Brian Cox will produce the movie. BenSilverman of Reveille Entertainment brought the project in. Distant and Reveillewill also work on a television spinoff.



Cyber Fiendspresident and co founder Dave Ballance writes in to alert "Lady Death"fans to the new animated trailer that is now online.

ADV Films has posted a short clip from their in-production animated feature ontheir ADVFilms.com website feature

The sexy "Lady Death" became the flagship character for BrianPulido's now-defunct Chaos! Comics. Although that publisher filed Chapter 7bankruptcy last year, the character lives on. CrossGen Entertainment is nowpublishing new comics featuring an all-new take on the character.

The direct-to-DVD feature has long been in development with Carl Macek("Robotech") directing. Plans are for it to be in video stores thisyear.



ComingSoon reports that director Steve Carr ("Next Friday") may directMarvel's "Iron Fist" movie. The director, doing press for his newmovie "Daddy Day Care," revealed that he might do the adaptation.

"I finally gave in," Carr told Coming Soon. "Every directorhas to do a super hero movie apparently, and I'm gonna do that, I think."



TheHollywood Reporter posted a positive review for this week's big release,"X2: X-Men United." 

The trade publication says the movie "explodes with ass-kicking styleand sass," and adds: "Fox has a presummer hit on its hands that shouldrack up substantial boxoffice numbers."

"X2" is due in theaters on Friday.



"Bulletproof Monk" saw a significant drop off in audience in itsecond week, but still managed to outperform some of the new releases accordingto early estimates published by BoxOffice Mojo.

The movie slipped to #6, down two notches from it's opening weekend. It tookin $4.7 million, about 46.3% less than its first week. So far the movie'scumulative total is $19.2 million.

The new thriller "Identity" took top honors for the week, finallyknocking Adam Sandler's "Anger Management" down to the #2 spot. Thefamily-oriented "Holes" hung in at #3, while Jamie Kennedy's white-splotationeffort "Malibu's Most Wanted" claimed the #4 spot. The criticallypraised "Confidence" debuted at #5, barely outperforming"Monk" with a $4.8 million take.

Other newcomers for the week "It Runs in the Family" and "TheReal Cancun" made dismal showings in the ninth and tenth spotsrespectively.

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