Lupin III Returns in First Trailer for Toho's 3D CG-Animated Feature

One of the most beloved, long-running anime and manga properties in history is Lupin III, first created by Monkey Punch in 1967 and adapted into numerous anime series, animated films and video games across its 52-year history.

Toho is producing the first ever CGI-animated film in the franchise, rendering the capers of the eponymous master thief and his colorful supporting cast of characters in 3D for their latest big screen adventure. The upcoming CG film, Lupin III: The First, has released its first trailer, revealing Lupin and the gang back in action.

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In addition to Lupin, the trailer features his classic partners in crime Jigen, an expert marksman, Goemon, an unwavering swordsman with a blade that can cut through virtually anything and the femme fatale and primary love interest Fujiko. In addition to Lupin's usual allies, the trailer also confirms the return of long-suffering Inspector Zenigata, who is often tasked with tracking Lupin and his gang across the globe.

Kazuhiko Katō, better known by his pen name Monkey Punch, passed away this past April but had expressed excitement over the upcoming animated film before his death.

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Lupin III: The First is written and directed by Takashi Yamazaki (Dragon Quest: Your Story). It is scheduled to be released in Japan on Dec. 6.

(via Anime News Network)

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