Lunchbox Dad creates edible art of Baymax, 'Star Wars' & more

Beau Coffron takes brown-bag lunches several levels beyond peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Perhaps better known as Lunchbox Dad, the married father of three makes healthy lunches fun for his kids with imaginative, playful nods to Big Hero 6, Finding Nemo, Captain America, The Muppets and much more.

"A few months before my daughter started kindergarten, I was looking for a special way to let her know that I was thinking about her while she was in school," Coffron explains on BoredPanda. "My father had recently passed away from cancer and he had made a huge impact on my life. I wanted to use these lunches as one way to make an impact on my own kid’s lives."

He began documenting the bento boxes on his blog, which he transformed into a how-to for other parents wishing to create fun lunches for their own children.

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