Marvel Introduces K-Pop Superhero Luna Snow in Future Fight

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Marvel will introduce a brand-new character to its ever-expanding roster, and it has chosen an interesting venue to do so. The company's latest addition is Luna Snow, a Korean K-pop artist whose icy, regenerative powers will first be glimpsed in Netmarble Monster's Marvel Future Fight action-RPG.

This isn’t the first time Marvel Future Fight has introduced a new character to the company's canon. Marvel Future Fight also introduced Sharon Rogers last year. Sharon Rogers is the alternate reality daughter of Captain America and Peggy Carter whose introduction proved to be a massive success for Netmarble Monster.

Marvel also released a live-action trailer alongside today's announcement. The video shows Luna Snow performing a choreographed dance and singing in a mock music video teaser. Marvel has yet to reveal if the singer heard in the video has any actual connections to the K-pop scene.

“We worked closely with Netmarble Monster’s art director Jee-Hyung to come up with Luna Snow’s look, which includes an iconic emblem consisting of a half-moon crest that mirrors an ice symbol on her jacket, belt buckles, and of course, her necklace," Marvel Games Senior Producer Danny Koo said in a press release. "Her icicle earrings and differently colored eyes, which complete her half-dark and half-light ice look, were meticulously designed with modern K-Pop culture in mind."

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While an actual illustration of Luna Snow has yet to be revealed, there's a good chance the "modern K-pop culture" Koo is alluding to likely involves a mixture of aesthetics from several modern K-pop girl groups, like Black Pink, Red Velvet and f(x).

The choice makes perfect sense for Netmarble Monster, a Korean game developer, but K-pop has slowly been making strides in Western media. A Black Pink song was recently featured in Justice League, and the 2015 Exo song "Lightsaber" was a collaboration with Disney that released a month before the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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No Marvel superhero is complete without their own backstory. Luna Snow's real name is Seol Hee. Once an aspiring singer with hopes of making enough money to care for her sick grandmother, Seol was imprisoned in an A.I.M. cryogenics pod when her concert was attacked by the group of mad scientists. Her exposure to advanced cold-fusion energy gave her miraculous ice powers, though, and she emerged to take down the A.I.M. attackers. She was quickly dubbed Luna Snow by the worldwide press.

Netmarble Monster will hold a pre-registration event from Jan. 10 to Jan. 23 that will end in additional information about Luna Snow being released. Players who pre-register will earn in-game currency when registration has ended. The more players who pre-register, the more currency will be doled out when Luna Snow goes live.

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