Luna Snow: The Secret History of Marvel's New Agent of Atlas

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One of the newest superheroes in the Marvel Universe is the Korean pop star Luna Snow, a South Korean hero who defends her country when not recording and performing as part of her successful K-pop musical career. The character debuted in the popular Marvel mobile game Marvel Future Fight and has since transitioned into comic books as a key team member of the new Agents of Atlas, which formed to defend Asia from Malekith's forces during the crossover event War of the Realms.

Now, here's a quick history of the South Korean superhero, including her mobile origins, real-world K-Pop singles and how she officially made her Marvel Universe debut.

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Luna Snow

Created by Future Fight developer Netmarble in association with Marvel Games, Luna Snow made her debut in the mobile RPG title in January 2018. Born Seol Hee, the South Korean singer and dancer hoped to launch a musical career to support her elderly grandmother who had cared for her since the untimely deaths of her parents. While Seol performed at a Stark Industries event in South Korea, the terrorist organization A.I.M. attacked and locked her in a high-tech freezer for defending the guests.

Trapped inside, the experimental cold fusion technology powering the freezer actually transformed Seol, giving her cryokinetic powers allowing her to escape and defeat the A.I.M. attackers. The publicity gave Seol the superhero handle and stage name Luna Snow, effectively launching both her K-Pop career and active superhero alter ego.

In addition to her superhero activities, Luna maintained her successful pop music career with Marvel Entertainment releasing two singles, with real-life K-Pop star Hyungseo providing Luna's vocals on the tracks to help promote the mobile game and new character. Both songs are currently available on Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify.


Luna has powerful cyrokinesis abilities that allow her to generate freezing blasts as well as construct strong objects and projectiles from ice. Luna's abilities also give her immunity to extremely cold temperatures, and an Andromeda Suit provided by the South Korean government has augmented and refined Luna's abilities.

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Luna Snow is also one of the more powerful characters in Marvel Future Fight. She's generally considered one of the best Tier-3 characters, especially with her Andromeda suit.


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One of the most popular War of the Realms tie-in miniseries has been War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas by Greg Pak and Gang-Hyuk Lim. As Malekith's ally Sindr leads the Fire Giants to invade Asia, longtime S.H.I.E.L.D. operative Jimmy Woo forms a new incarnation of the Agents of Atlas with Asian superheroes to repel the attack and defend the continent. Luna Snow is one of the first heroes recruited to this team, and she officially makes her Marvel Comics debut in the miniseries' first issue.

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Luna Snow was introduced as she fought Fire Giants alongside fellow South Korean superhero Crescent in their homeland. Crescent, who also first debuted in Marvel Future Fight, commands a mystical bear avatar made of solid energy through her magical mask. After initially mistaking Amadeus Cho for an ally of Malekith, they join forces with him and the rest of the team to drive back the Norse invaders from Asia and restore the continent.

After starting out as a mobile game-exclusive character, Luna Snow has quickly established a real-world music career and officially jumped into the main Marvel Universe. While Luna was not listed as part of the new Agents of Atlas miniseries announced to launch this August, it's only a matter of time before the K-Pop superhero continues to make waves elsewhere for Marvel.

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