"Lullaby" #1 Sells Out at Image

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 4 APRIL, 2005 -- Question: What do you get when you cross characters from classic children's literature like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with fun manga-styled art and an energetic new story?

Answer: The phenomenal new LULLABY: WISDOM SEEKER from Image Comics and Alias Enterprises, which sold out its first issue within a week of hitting the shelves.

"Obviously, we're excited," said Mike S. Miller, executive director for Alias and director / co-writer for the book. "When I first began working with artist/creator Hector Sevilla on this project last year, I knew it would be a title readers wouldn't want to miss. We've worked hard to shape LULLABY into an endearing story, and knowing that it's attracting this kind of attention from readers and retailers makes it all worthwhile."

"Normally, we keep some copies on hand to sell at the summer conventions, but we've decided to use them to fill retailers' re-orders instead," continued Miller. "We want as many readers as possible to get their hands on this book, and since we're not currently planning on a second printing, we're encouraging anyone who still wants to get their hands on this book to head down to their local comic book store now and reserve a copy. Retailers tell us that what we have left will go very fast."

LULLABY: WISDOM SEEKER tells the story of the continuing adventures of Alice (from Wonderland), Jim Hawkins (of Treasure Island), Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, and the Pied Piper of Hamlin as they search for the source of a dark magic that has been warping their world into its own image. Though the book is intended for all ages, it's anything but childish - especially when readers discover the twist that reveals the surprising identity of the story's villain!

"One of the cool things about LULLABY is that anyone can pick it up and read it with a good sense of familiarity," said Miller. "If you know the story of Alice, or Jim Hawkins, or Pinocchio, you already know something about the characters. Plus, as the story moves forward, there are plenty of other great classic characters to rediscover. I think that's part of the reason issue 1 has done so well, and we're excited to see how future issues fare when they hit the stands in the coming months."

For more information about LULLABY: WISDOM SEEKER , as well as a 5-page preview, please visit http://www.aliasenterprises.com .

LULLABY: WISDOM SEEKER #2 will be in stores on April 13.

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