Luke Teams With Doctor Aphra In Marvel's Next Star Wars Crossover


When writers Kieron Gillen and Jason Aaron team for a crossover, it's worth taking notice. The duo have crossed over Marvel books as far back as "X-Men: Schism," but their most recent crossover, "Vader: Down," was their biggest critical and commercial success yet.  The two are reuniting for another "Star Wars" crossover, this time bringing together Luke Skywalker and everyone's favorite amoral space archaeologist, Doctor Aphra.

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The new crossover, "The Screaming Citadel" combines the typical space opera of "Star Wars" with Gothic horror, a genre familiar to both writers. "It starts with [Luke and Aphra] venturing into a very dark and scary situation on a faraway alien planet and winding up in the clutches of a sinister alien queen," Aaron told StarWars.com. "There are Aphra’s two murderous droids and best-friend Wookiee, and then, of course, the cast of my book. Han and Leia and Sana Starros come running into the fray, as well, and there are several new villains who are at play."

Gillen expressed his excitement to get a chance to dive deep into both characters, particularly Luke, who he has not written much of in the past. Speaking on Luke and Aphra, Gillen said, "there’s an underlying similarity. They’ve both lost their families. They’ve both had completely different responses to the horror of the Star Wars universe, the big tragedy, and the push and pull of that is very much the heart of the book.... It’s just fundamentally funny to see them go at each other. Writing that entire issue was a joy, in terms of how they interacted and went back and forth and how they generally got on each other’s nerves. Aphra, to begin with, gets the best of Luke, and it kind of switches up as you go further into it."

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Gillen promises that readers will get to see Han and Luke "in a Regency-inspired costume," while Aaron promises that the crossover will be "a big arc for both [Doctor Aphra and Sana Starros], separately and together."

"Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel" will start in an eponymous one-shot and continue through "Star Wars" #31 and "Doctor Aphra" #7.

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