Luke McBain #2

Story by
Art by
Kody Chamberlain
Letters by
Ed Dukeshire
Cover by
12 Gauge Comics

TRACE ADKINS continues his comic book adventure as LUKE MCBAIN -- who's taken a job at his family's Louisiana timber mill to keep an eye on his brother, Paul. Sawdust is in McBain's blood, but his blood's going to flow if he doesn't watch his back. An industrial "accident" and a talk with the family lawyer prove that. Paul's up to something...but what? Later, sitting high above the town of Eden, McBain sees a big house and a fancy party -- a sad look at how easy his life could've been. The mystery deepens when a romantic walk in the woods with Callie turns deadly, as a sniper uses the couple as target practice. Times are hard, and people want him dead -- but this axe handle-wielding, God-fearing Southern man ain't goin' down without a fight. He doesn't say much, but you can count on McBain; brought to you by David Tischman ("Red Herring," "Bite Club") and Kody Chamberlain ("Tag," "Punks"). Covers by Brian Stelfreeze.

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