Luke McBain #1

Story by
Art by
Kody Chamberlin
Cover by
12 Gauge Comics

"Back to Eden" Part 1 of 4

Country superstar TRACE ADKINS is LUKE MC BAIN, a man who makes the hard decisions. He doesn't say much, but he'll kick your ass if you get out of line. He's returned to his Northern Louisiana hometown to settle a score, but the town has changed, and the people he grew up with need his help. God help anyone who gets in his way.

Trace Adkins has sold over 10 million albums. He competed on "Celebrity Apprentice." You've heard his voice on "King of the Hill." But you've never seen Trace Adkins as LUKE MC BAIN -- an American hero for our times, in a story of right and wrong in the tradition of "BILLY JACK" and "WALKING TALL". Don't miss the newest title from 12 GAUGE COMICS, the company that brought you THE RIDE, BODY BAGS, and THE O.C.T.!

Written by David Tischman ("RED HERRING", "BITE CLUB") with artwork by Kody Chamberlain ("30 DAYS OF NIGHT: BLOODSUCKER TALES", "SHANG-CHI") and covers by Brian Stelfreeze ("BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT").

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