Luke Cage's Mike Colter Teases Heroes For Hire -- 'Eventually'

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Following the success of "Daredevil," "Jessica Jones" and now "Luke Cage," Netflix is marching into 2017 with more Marvel dramas in "Iron Fist," "The Punisher" and the crossover miniseries "The Defenders." But one team-up fans perhaps most anticipating is between Luke Cage and Iron Fist, two superheroes who famously set up business in the comic books as Heroes For Hire.

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Wearing a "Hero For Hire" T-shirt over the weekend at Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con,"Luke Cage" star Mike Colter teased fans by name-dropping the super-team. "Finn Jones -- I was just hanging out with him yesterday, so I'm going back to New York, going to start filming ..." he said, trailing off as the moderator interjected, "You guys starting a business together?"

"Yeah," Colter replied, "we're getting ready to do 'Heroes For Hire' eventually, come on. We're gonna do it."

The filming Colter referred to is for "Marvel's The Defenders," the eight-episode miniseries that will bring together the street-level heroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist to take on Sigourney Weaver, who was revealed as the crossover's villain.

While there are no announced plans for a "Heroes For Hire" series, it may not be entirely out of the question. After all, "The Punisher" wasn't part of the original Marvel/Netflix plan, yet a Frank Castle spinoff was greenlit following response to the character's appearance on "Daredevil."

The first season of "Luke Cage" is available on Netflix. "The Defenders" arrives in 2017.

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