Luke Cage's Mike Colter Says He Needed a DNA Sample to Read Scripts

While the actors that Marvel hires are famously not allowed to say much of anything about their roles, they sure like talking about the great lengths the famously secretive company goes to ensure their actors remain tight-lipped.

Mike Colter, who plays Marvel’s latest Netflix superhero in “Luke Cage,” in a bit of tongue-in-cheek fashion expanded on just how far Marvel will go to ensure its secrets are kept safe.

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"Yeah, I mean they had a few little incidents back in the past where actors would like have their script and they would leave it accidentally on like a bench or something at a park, and then someone would find it,” the actor said during an appearance on “Conan” Monday night. “And not someone, a marvel-like person would find it, because they follow us, you know that right? They follow us. I'm never alone, you know, like even now someone in the audience works for Marvel.”

Colter continued that Marvel has perfected their means of keeping secrets with high-tech gadgetry that would make Tony Stark jealous.

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"So after awhile they got past that and they started putting them into the computer, so, if you wanted to do something you had to like put your fingerprint on there, you had to put like a little swab of your saliva, you had to put it inside this little thing, you had to send it away,” Colter continued. “I mean that's what you have to do to get the computer to open up, and then you leave it for 10 seconds, it closes again, and you have to do it all over again, so it's like this whole thing where you have to do all these passwords just to get to your own files." He added that the process was so arduous he was only able to learn three lines a time.

Colter was obviously joking – though considering Marvel’s famous secrecy, just how much he was embellishing is up for debate. Conan O’Brien chimed in with the biggest (not-at-all-true) surprise though, that the role of Luke Cage was between and Colter and himself.

“Their loss,” O’Brien quipped.

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