Luke Cage Responds to Fans' Biggest Complaint About Season 2

Season 2 of Luke Cage was another bonafide hit for Netflix, as Harlem's hero teamed up with the likes of Iron Fist and Misty Knight to excite fans of the Marvel Comics' street-level heroes. However, if there was one complaint with the series, it undoubtedly came in the first episode of the season when Luke Cage delivered one of the more cringe-worthy dabs in recent memory.

Showing it has a sense of humor, the official Luke Cage Twitter account has heard the jokes and acknowledged the memes with an image of a headstone labeled "Luke's Dab," with its birth and death dates "Season 2" and "Episode 1," respectively.


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The message, "Heard ya'll loud and clear" accompanies the image, with a yellow rose laying on the headstone, matching the color of t-shirt Luke Cage is known for wearing in the Marvel Universe. And in case you happened to miss the dab heard round the world, its likeness can also be found in the upper corners of the centerpiece.

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Streaming now on Netflix, Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 2 stars Mike Colter, Simone Missick, Alfre Woodard, Theo Rossi, Mustafa Shakir, Gabrielle Dennis, Rosario Dawson, and Reg E. Cathey. It is developed for television by Cheo Hodari Coker.

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