Luke Cage: Mike Colter Unsure If He'll Ever Play the Marvel Hero Again

When Disney announced it would be launching its Disney+ streaming service in late 2019, the news hit the world of fandom hard, as repercussions came quickly. The decision meant the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies would now be exclusive to Disney+, and it had implications for the Marvel shows on Netflix, as well.

In an interview with IndieWire, Mike Colter, star of Luke Cage, was asked if he thought it was likely the show would return in some form.

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“I have no clue because honestly, it’s one of those things where it really didn’t happen for any other reason than the powers that be deciding that they wanted to take it back into another platform,” Colter replied. “Whether it comes back or not, I don’t know…I’ll be around."

Netflix swiftly canceled Luke Cage and Iron Fist following their respective second seasons. Daredevil was later canceled after Season 3, and the upcoming third season of Jessica Jones is expected to be its last. This has been highly disappointing news for many fans, who continue to wonder if there might be a future for these shows on Disney+.

This seems unlikely, though, as the lack of meaningful tie-ins between the Netflix shows and the MCU movies, as well as differences between the executive teams at Netflix and Disney+, have reportedly made the prospect of moving the shows to the new platform difficult.

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Nonetheless, when asked if he could talk about what the show’s plans had been for Season 3, Colter replied, “If you’re going to keep up hope, I guess I have to keep the secrets, right? I have to keep the spoilers…ask me in three years, then I’ll tell you everything.”

So, perhaps Colter’s comments can keep a glimmer of hope alive for fans, though the possibility of the show returning at this point seems unlikely.

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