Luke Cage Is A New Avenger Again

It looks as though Marvel Comics is getting ready to ramp up a new run of teaser images for their impending Heroic Age rebranding of their core universe and their flagship Avengers titles. After already announcing the lineup of the new "Avengers" ongoing with a series of cast teasers and then hinting at a possible membership for "Secret Avengers," the publisher today released word that Luke Cage would be the first official member of the New Avengers team starring in the relaunched "New Avengers" ongoing whose first issue hits in June. Like the last iteration of the series, the book will be written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Stuart Immonen, though more details (including how Cage will serve as both a New Avenger and as a Thunderbolt) are unsurprisingly being withheld for the time being. Check out Immonen's first teaster below, and check back to CBR throughout the week for more word on "New Avengers."

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