Report: Luke Cage & Iron Fist Lost 2/3 of Viewers in Second Seasons

Luke Cage Iron Fist art header

Following the cancellation of Luke Cage and Iron Fist, it has been revealed that both shows lost over half their viewers between the first and second seasons.

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An analysis of Netflix viewing numbers by the company Jumpshot suggests that both shows failed to bring the kind of numbers they’d initially earned in their first seasons. The breakdown  indicates that Luke Cage lost 59 percent of its viewing numbers, while Iron Fist fell a staggering 64 percent in viewer numbers.

According to ScreenRant, it was ultimately the lackluster viewing numbers for the two series that played a role in both shows being canceled by the streaming network. This would also line up with earlier reports that the lack of social media chatter about the series' respective second seasons also led to the decision to cancel the shows.

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The third season of Daredevil premiered on Oct. 19 and reportedly also saw a dip in overall viewing numbers and social media buzz. The second season of The Punisher concluded earlier this year, while the third season of Jessica Jones is currently in the middle of production.

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