Luke Cage, Heroes, Smallville: February 13th Comic Reel Wrap


Director John Singleton is frustrated with the pace of development on the hero-for-hire story, and he told Collider all about it. "It's got to have a great script. We have a great script. We have a couple of great scripts," Singleton said. "It's just a matter, like I said, some people have not got it yet. I'm not saying every studio on the board, some people haven't got it that multi-ethnic sells."


You can get an idea of what you'll see on screen from eBay images of the toy for Ironhide and Blackout, courtesy of Seibertron.com. Also, Tom Williams emailed us what supposedly is the final facial design for Megatron.


You can go behind the eclipse one for this week's episode with our latest behind the scenes feature here at CBR. Producer Greg Beeman has also updated his blog with more details about last night's episode.


Actor Michael Rosenbaum will be directing his first episode of the hit CW series, called "Freak," and he talked to Zap2It.com about the whole experience. "You have 10 days to shoot a movie," Rosenbaum said. "It's intense. [co-star Tom] Welling told me, 'Listen, man, eat as much as you can, because I lost five pounds due to stress.' I'm like, 'I'm skinny. I can't lose five pounds, Welling.' Sure enough, I lost five or six pounds. It was the stress. I'm a perfectionist. I'm insatiable. It's never good enough. If I didn't believe something, you'd have to keep going until I believed it. I'm not an easy sell."

Meanwhile, E! Online's Kristin Veitch broke the news about genre icon Lynda Carter making a guest appearance on the show for April 12th, playing a role that may surprise many.


According to Film Ick, The book/comic book/TV series is being adapted into a film.


Actor Ioan Gruffudd is quoted over at Ain't It Cool News as revealing some spoilers about everybody's gargantuan purple clad planet eater and the source of the Power Cosmic.


Apparently, some familiar faces will be coming to animated Gotham City, and for the spoiler on who they are, you can check out the message boards at Legions of Gotham.


Director Mark Steven Johnson talked to IF Magazine saying that he felt this film was "more complete" than "Daredevil" was. "I think that there will be an extended version that's just longer," he said. "I'm not calling it better, to be honest, but there are just some really good scenes that I cut for pacing, but certainly not like 'Daredevil' where there is a quarter of the movie missing, thirty minutes that we need to put back."

Johnson and exec Avi Arad are quoted at Sci Fi Wire admitting that the movie's advertising is a little on the deceptive side. "We need to get more people initiated," producer Avi Arad said in an interview. "We need to get more people initiated from a marketing and advertising standpoint. We want to open it. Of course, Roxanne [Mendes] is part of [Cage's character's] inspiration, so it does make sense." Both Johnson and Arad admit that the advertising makes it seem that Blaze is motivated more by the love of Mendes' character than by a desire to save his father. The TV ad even features the line: "What would you do for love?" and shows Blaze with Roxanne. "Whenever it's vague, it's intentional," Arad said of the ads.


Sci Fi Wire also had Arad quoted as saying "We have 'Iron Man' starting in March, and 'The Incredible Hulk' is starting in June, and across town somewhere happening right now is a meeting about 'Punisher 2,'" Arad said.


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