Luke Cage, A History of Violence, Superman Returns: August 11th Comic Reel Wrap


Director John Singleton talked to the Chicago Sun-Times about the title role for his Marvel adaptation, and that he hasn't made a decision. I've read that a lot of people are doing the role, but the truth is I don't even know who is doing it yet," he said. "Who will play Luke? I need a guy in his 20s who is huge -- and I'm talking about his body. He needs to be a big guy. It's an emotional role, too."


Comingsoon.net has a first look at the poster for the Viggo Mortensen-led graphic novel adaptation.


Composer John Ottman talked to Music From The Movies about when we can expect some music for the Man of Steel. "I'm up to my earlobes right now editing the film. I won't really get into writing the score until February sometime. We'll probably record sometime in April. The franchise must evolve, and so should the music, but at the same time, I acknowledge it would be a crime not to incorporate the original theme."

Meanwhile, Random Echo has posted more set photos from Australia.


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