Luke Cage #1 Comes in Swinging with New Preview Art

Over the last year, Marvel Comics' Luke Cage has starred in a critically-acclaimed Netflix series as well as David Walker and Sanford Greene's "Power Man and Iron Fist." However, now that "Power Man and Iron Fist" is coming to a close, Walker will team with “The Magdalena” artist Nelson Blake II to bring Power Man into a new "Luke Cage" ongoing series.

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso took to Twitter to share Blake and Marcio Menyz's first two pages from the series' first issue. In his caption, Alonso quoted Fantastic Four's Benjamin J. Grimm signature catchphrase: "It's clobberin' time."

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The opening arc will examine the relationship between Luke and Dr. Noah Burnstein, the man who gave him his super-abilities. The story will also take the Hero for Hire to New Orleans to investigate his father-figure's death.  As for the type of threats Luke will face, Walker told CBR that he has plans to use foes old and new: "We’ll have an antagonist that’s brand new to the Marvel Universe and there’s an older character that shows up who will always be in question. Is this character an ally, or an antagonist?"

David Walker and Nelson Blake II's "Luke Cage" #1 arrives in stores this May.

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