Lucy Lawless Says If There's a 'Xena' Reboot Planned, She's Not Part of It

While she acknowledges NBC is certainly interested in rebooting "Xena: Warrior Princess," Lucy Lawless says if there's an agreement in place, she doesn't know about it.

However, if there is a project in development, the actress would be interested in returning to her iconic role, but only for a limited engagement.

“I would love to do a reboot getting Xena, Gabrielle [Renee O’Connor], Autolycus [Bruce Campbell] and Jox [Ted Raimi] back together, get that crew back together to solve some ridiculous problem," Lawless, who stars opposite Campbell in the upcoming "Ash Vs. Evil Dead," told journalists at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour. "I’d love to do a TV movie or a movie, a limited thing.”

When a report surfaced two weeks ago about NBC's purported plans for "Xena," Lawless quickly threw cold water on the story, saying it's "still in the wishful-thinking stage." She elaborated to reporters on Friday, explaining that her husband, series co-creator Rob Tapert, was approached about a reboot "a year ago, maybe longer," but isn't attached to any "Xena" project. Still, she concedes NBC could be proceeding with the involvement of Tapert, executive producer Raimi or herself.

“If there’s anything current going on, we’re not involved — we being me, Rob, Sam,” she said. “But they could be doing it without us, they have the right to, don’t they? But we are not. I’d love to see it happen and I know that NBC wants to do it, but they’re just trying to find a way and a time.”


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