Lucky "Unlucky" Breaks

I was doing a bit the other day about how Milton Bradley's fledgling lithography business almost went under when his best-selling print of the year (1860) starring Abraham Lincoln suddenly became useless from a commercial standpoint. This, of course, forced him to try out new ways of making money to supplement the print shop, and so his first board game was born.

I was thinking about how these sort of lucky "unlucky" breaks pop up a lot in all sorts of places, comic books included, and I thought it'd be neat to name some and throw it open to you folks to name some more!

If Grant Morrison was given the use of Colossus in New X-Men, we would not have had Emma Frost.

If Brian K. Vaughan had gotten the regular writer gig on Batman in 2001, he might not have created Y the Last Man in 2002.

If Daredevil's sales had not been so bad, we likely would not have seen Frank Miller's Daredevil (likely the same with Walt Simonson's Thor).

If Marvel doesn't go bankrupt, we probably don't see their awesome 2001-02 comics.

If Blue Beetle and Booster Gold don't have their series canceled in 1987, we likely don't get Blue and Gold (at least not the way they ended up).

That's five!

Now you name some more (I was going to go with Simple Twists of Fate for the title, but felt that that didn't get across the lucky/unlucky dichotomy well enough - but boy, that'd have been neat to do!)!!

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