'Lucifer' writer Mike Carey signs exclusive with DC

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British writer Mike Carey, who was nominated for four Eisner Awards in 2001, has signed a two-year exclusive agreement with DC. Carey has written LUCIFER since its inception as the miniseries THE SANDMAN PRESENTS: LUCIFER in 1999 and takes over as writer of HELLBLAZER with June's issue #175 (APR020489), solicited in the April issue of Previews (Volume XII, number 4).

"With LUCIFER, Mike's proven himself as a first-rate writer, deftly intertwining reality with an expansively-crafted mythology" says Karen Berger, Vice President - Executive Editor, VERTIGO. "But what impresses me most about Mike's writing is his versatility. His first few scripts on HELLBLAZER show Constantine as raw, uncompromising and seductive as he's ever been. Mike's well on his way to establishing a new direction and a new voice for the series."

"This is a great thing for me in a lot of different ways," says Carey. "I love VERTIGO, and I've got great relationships with the editors there, so that's a good position to be in. Now that I'm writing HELLBLAZER as well as LUCIFER, this gives me a period to consolidate my efforts and experiment on those two titles. It also opens up the possibility of getting my hands in the DCU toybox. For me super-hero comics, in all their ludicrous glory, are a very big part of what comics are about - and I think always will be about."

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A new LUCIFER trade paperback, LUCIFER: A DALLIANCE WITH THE DAMNED, collecting issues #14 - 20, will be published in August.

Upcoming projects include the hardcover graphic novel THE SANDMAN: THE FURIES, with painted art by John Bolton, and MY FAITH IN FRANKIE, a 4-issue romantic fable with art by talented newcomer Sonny Liew.

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