Lucifer: The 15 Strongest Characters, Ranked

Back when Fox premiered a television series based on DC Comics and Vertigo's Lucifer character, perhaps no one expected the series to become the popular phenomenon that it eventually became. On network television, Lucifer mined only a few basic aspects from Neil Gaiman's comic books and mixed them with a police procedural to offer viewers a series that was both episodic and serialized in nature. Certain episodes focused greatly on the biblical mythology of the series, while others saw Lucifer and Detective Decker work side-by-side as they tried to solve strange homicide cases. Over time, the series found its footing, and became a fun and quirky affair that could be comedic, dramatic, exciting and dark all at once. The cast of the series made the characters their own, and it greatly contributed to the series' popularity.

This is perhaps why so many fans were left heartbroken when Fox decided to cancel Lucifer after the conclusion of its third season. However, fan support for the show was so strong that, eventually, Netflix swooped in at the eleventh hour to rescue the series from cancellation and bring it back for a 10-episode fourth season. Now, the cast is finally back to work filming a new season that is bound to introduce a whole new side to the mythology of the series. As we start to get ready for Season 4, CBR looks back on the first three seasons of the show to rank all characters in terms of strength -- angel, human, celestial and demon alike.

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15 EVE


The character of Eve is the latest addition to Season 4 of Lucifer. We haven't seen her in action yet, and we don't know what kind of abilities she may have, but given that she was the first woman alive, ever, we're inclined to believe she will have a few special powers.

After all, since she was there during the creation of humanity and that she will return to be a thorn in Lucifer's side, it's likely that the character is immortal in a certain capacity. At least, as a biblical figure, she is a celestial being for sure, and we have no doubt that her coming back into the Devil's life will have all sorts of nefarious consequences.


Lucifer Ella Lopez

Ella Lopez is different than most characters on the series because she is a human who has no special effect on any of the celestial beings on the series. Well, no magical effect. What Ella lacks in special powers, she makes up for in earnestness, friendship and love. Ella is one of Lucifer's closest friends, and that does give her a strength of her own.

While she may not know who Lucifer really is, her advice and friendship has always come when Lucifer has needed it most. On top of that, her Christian faith makes her an unwavering character, a strong and stable rock that many other characters can rely upon.


Lucifer Jason Carlisle

During Lucifer's second season, fans were introduced to Jason Carlisle. While he wasn't an overarching villain, the character did appear in a short arc that saw him take center stage as a dangerous antagonist. Carlisle was once a respected professor, but after a public car accident that saw him leave someone behind, Carlisle was left mocked and disgraced.

In order to gain his reputation back, he decided to show that anyone would have done the same thing in his situation. The professor concocted a special type of poison to infect his victims with, a poison only he had the antidote to, of course. He was brilliant, ruthless, and Lucifer had to go back to Hell itself to save Detective Decker from his poison.


Malcolm Graham Lucifer

While he didn't look like it at first, Malcolm Graham became the big villain of Season 1 of Lucifer. At first, he just appeared to be your standard corrupt police officer but, after dying and going to Hell for a brief period of time, the character became increasingly reckless and infinitely more dangerous.

Graham started to dispose of his enemies on a whim, and it wasn't long before he turned his attention to the main cast of the series. In fact, his stint in Hell made it so that he now knew the truth about Lucifer, as well as his brother Amenadiel. He may not have had any special abilities, but Malcolm was deadly and menacing in his own way.


Lucifer Sinnerman

The Sinnerman manifested early on in Season 3 of Lucifer. The character surfaced more as a story than an actual presence, but it wasn't long before Lucifer was on the character's trail. While it would be revealed later on in Season 3 that Marcus Pierce was the real Sinnerman, the first half of the season had us believe that his associate was the real criminal mastermind.

The character's menace was revealed when we learned that he had taken out his own eyes in order to prevent Lucifer from having him divulge his secret plans. On top of that, the Sinnerman was an expert at manipulation, going so far as leading Lucifer himself to fall into his traps.



Chloe Decker may just be a human, but she isn't technically a mere normal creature herself. In fact, it was revealed in Season 2 that Detective Decker is actually a miracle child, whose creation was ordered by God himself, when he dispatched Amenadiel to bless Chloe's parents with the ability to produce a child.

This child would later grow up to become Decker, who has the special ability of making Lucifer Morningstar vulnerable. Somehow, she is able to take away his powers and make him human, without even knowing about it. This is no ordinary power, but it's still one that makes Chloe potentially dangerous to Lucifer.


Lucifer Mazikeen

Mazikeen is Lucifer's closest friend and perhaps the most lethal demon that currently walks the Earth. While there aren't all that many demons who manage to get out of Hell, Maze accompanied Lucifer on his journey to Earth and has been at his side (more often than not) ever since.

As a demon, Maze is immune to any type of weapons humans use against her. Plus, she has heightened strength that makes her an impossible opponent to deal with – and if that isn't enough, there is also the fact that she is an expert combatant, with her bare hands or all manner of weapons. But really, what makes her most dangerous is the fact that she enjoys to hunt... humans, mainly.


Lucifer Azrael

Azrael is the Messenger of God and the Angel of Death, but her aliases shouldn't have you fooled. She may be the herald of a human's end, but she is actually quite nice. However, that doesn't mean she is not without great power. Not only is she an immortal angel, Azrael is also the owner of a powerful sword that can cut through reality itself.

The character was mentioned often on the series but only ever appeared once, in a bonus episode that aired following the conclusion (and cancellation) of Lucifer on Fox. The character can be seen only when she chooses to, and she can travel in-between Earth and Heaven easily.


Lucifer Earl Johnson

In Season 2 of Lucifer, Earl Johnson appeared in a single episode as perhaps the most powerful character in the series' mythology. While Lucifer doubted him at first, even the Devil himself slowly started to believe that Earl Johnson was his father, the great and all-powerful God in the sky.

In actuality, Earl's power came from a piece of Azrael's sword, the Medallion of Life. With this, Earl Johnson was able to heal other people with a simple glowing touch. On top of that, he had divine knowledge that made him the equivalent of God – for example, he knew Lucifer's real name, Samael. However, once he lost the Medallion, Earl reverted to his persona as a successful but plain human being.


Lucifer Uriel angel

Uriel is the young brother of Lucifer and Amenadiel but make no mistake, he could still be the most dangerous out of all of them. Yes, Amenadiel is an angel and on the side of good, but his mission to convince Lucifer to send his mother back to Hell put him in direct conflict with his big brother.

Because of that, Uriel's powers proved to be very troublesome. You see, Uriel is an expert at probabilities. With so much as the simplest of act, he can start a chain reaction of events that ends with his intended result, from a car accident to the right opportunity to strike.



Marcus Pierce joined the cast of Lucifer in Season 3. Although he appeared to be nothing but a policeman at first, it wasn't long before it was revealed that Pierce was actually Cain, from the mythical, biblical story of Cain and Abel. Yes, Cain had slain his brother, at the dawn of time, and he bore a mark for his act because of it.

This mark made Pierce immortal, no matter what tried to end him. Whether it was a bullet, a car crash or a chainsaw, Pierce would slowly and laboriously recover from its mortal wounds. This made him one of the strongest characters on the series, given that he had the power to go up against the likes of both Amenadiel and Lucifer.



Amenadiel is the oldest angel in all of Heaven, and God's favorite son. The character has flown down to Earth many times before following God's orders -- whether that was to give Cain his mark or to ensure the creation of Chloe Decker. Amenadiel has great power, and he is a strong warrior.

While he has all the usual powers that come from being an angel, from immortality to strength and flight, he also has the unique ability to stop time. This makes it so that he can walk among the humans without ever being seen, and he can even change the outcome of actions. Plus, he packs a mean punch.


Lucifer Morningstar is a character of great power. He has all the abilities that come from being an angel. He may have chosen to clip his wings for a long time, but he is still immortal (whenever Chloe Decker isn't around) and he has strength far greater than any mortal. But there is also the fact that he is the Lord of Hell.

As an angel, Lucifer is able to gaze into the eyes of strangers and have them tell him their greatest desires. But, when Lucifer reveals his red and fiery devil face, he is able to strike fear into the heart of anyone. He is, after all, the one true Devil.


Lucifer Goddess of All Creation

The Goddess of All Creation had an important role to play in the second season of Lucifer. She wasn't exactly the villain of the season, but she wasn't exactly a friend either. She is an all-powerful celestial being whose power can barely be contained and the mother of Lucifer, Amenadiel and all the other angels.

The Goddess was locked up in Hell by God himself, but eventually managed to break free. She had all the superpowers of her children, but she was also pure energy herself, her essence capable of burning any human to a crisp. Finally, she left for another reality where she could create her own universe, far from her former husband.


God has never once been seen on Lucifer... but he has been heard before. In one of the bonus episodes that aired following the cancellation of the series on Fox, Lucifer creator and renowned writer Neil Gaiman voiced the Father of All Creation, by presenting an alternate universe where events unfolded differently.

While God does not appear on the series, his will and influence can be felt in almost every episode. He is the one who created all of life, from mankind to the angels, and he is the one who has orchestrated many events, like the creation of Chloe Decker, so that her path may one day cross with Lucifer's. We have no doubt that, sooner of later, the great and powerful God will appear on the series.

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